395 US RTE 1
Falmouth, Maine
European Bakery and Tea Room

European Bakery
and Tea Room

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Mon-Fri 7AM - 6PM Sat 8AM - 3PM Closed Sundays

European Bakery and Tea Room in Falmouth, Maine

European Bakery and Tea Room in Falmouth, Maine

Enjoy a break in our Tea Room and indulge in a fine pastry and a beverage of your choice all served in fine china.

Please inform the bakery if you have any food allergies. Nuts are used on the premises.

Gluten-free cakes and pastries are also available.

About Us

We opened at our current location in March of 1990. I, Helen Budri, started the bakery after apprenticing in Switzerland and at a Swedish bakery in Massachusetts. I also worked at a good old American bakery in MA. My parents lived in Miami when I opened the business but very soon afterwards they moved up here to help me in a rapidly growing business. My mother is a bookkeeper so she does all the book work for the business.

In 1999 my husband Emil joined the team full time. He brings to the business a background in restaurants but has learned all aspects of the bakery without a problem. He comes from Greece so he has brought with him some unique recipes and ideas.

We also are involved with AIPT, (The Association for International Practical Training) an international organization that offers J1 visas. We are currently on our 5th Swiss pastry chef through that program. They come over here for 18 months to work and learn. We therefore have a lot of authentic Swiss specialties along with other European countries.

We are busy all year long since our products are so delicious and special people come from all around to purchase our items. Our busiest times are Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter and the summer, with all the wedding cakes we do and the tourists who visit us.

Even though we have grown steadily each year we still offer the same family style service with the highest quality. Customer satisfaction has and will continue to be our number one goal. With the highest quality of products, customer satisfaction is not hard to achieve.